Leaf Removal

Our leaf clean up services will keep your property neat and tidy through the spring and fall months.

Why Not Just Leave the Leaves?

Fallen leaves and debris brown your lawn, affect the health of your plants, and are conducive to the growth of mold spores, lawn fungus, and plant disease.  Fallen leaves also trap moisture; prevent sunlight which results in bare patches next spring. Having a clean, well-manicured lawn year-round is not just for aesthetics—it’s also for safety. Removing the leaves and debris from your yard means that it will not only look great, but it will be safe to walk through your yard without rain-slicked leaves making your walkway or driveway slippery or hazardous.

Our Leaf Removal Process

In the fall, the leaves that fall from your trees (and your neighbors’ trees) will gather on your ground, or blow onto your driveway, your flower beds and landscaping. Raking and disposing of these leaves, especially in areas with many trees, can take days or weeks. Let Dream Greener do the work—we’re efficient and have equipment for fast leaf removal. Our spring and fall leaf clean up service includes the removal of leaves and debris from your lawn, planting beds, deck, porch, or any other part of your property.

In the spring, Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape will remove twigs, tree branches, and debris introduced to your yard during the winter. We also clear away the leaves that straggled into your yard during the winter.

Even if your yard was pristine in December, March and April bring about a lot of change after Pittsburgh’s constant snowfall during the winter months.

Specialized Equipment for Leaf and Debris Removal

Removing leaves and other debris from your yard can be a long process. The larger your property, the more involved it will be, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Dream Greener’s specialized equipment efficiently provides this service in a fraction of the time that it would take a person with a rake and bags. Our vacuum trucks safely and thoroughly remove excess yard debris and leaves from your property, leaving you with a beautiful, well-manicured lawn ready for the summer or the winter seasons.

“After getting a quote from Jon that I thought was too expensive, I went with first one then a second company. While both cut the grass, neither one followed through on the bed maintenance, pruning and weeding. Many unanswered calls, texts and emails later, I went back to Jon to see what he could do. Everything was done on time, with very professional crews. They even cleaned up any debris on our driveway and walkways after they finished. We couldn’t be happier. Anyone can make a promise, but not everyone will keep it. Save yourself some time and pain and use Dream Greener”