Lawn Mowing

Nothing sets off a landscape better than a fresh angle cut lawn mowing.  Turf patterns are noticeable and the professionals know how to draw a line with a mower. Besides looking amazing, professional lawn mowing also contributes to a healthy lawn! We use sharp blades and remove the proper ratio of grass to be seasonally prudent. Our service both maintains a healthy lawn and enhances curb appeal. Dream Greener provides reliable, predictable, scheduled lawn mowing and maintenance service — every week, week in and week out, through the spring, summer, and fall.

Imagine seeing crisp mower lines every week!

Our lawn and landscape professionals will mow, trim, and edge your lawn as a part of your weekly service. Dream Greener invests in and employs the professionals and the equipment that will maintain your ground’s beauty and allow us to work efficiently, with no disruption to you, your family or your business.

Dream Greener’s weekly program includes these services:

  • Mowing all lawn areas, with the proper machine for that terrain
  • Line trimming around trees, posts, and fencing
  • Edging driveways, patios, and sidewalks
  • Hard surfaces will be blown off after mowing, trimming, and edging

Dream Greener’s lawn maintenance program provides these services each week during the growing season. This standard service also includes spring and fall leaf clean up when required. Our lawn and landscape professionals can perform full-service, all-season lawn care treatments, bed weeding and edging, mulch treatments, trimming and pruning, plantings, lawn repair or replacement, and spring and fall leaf and debris cleanup.

Reliable Weekly Scheduled Lawn Service

All of our services are designed to keep your lawn and your property healthy, attractive and well-tended throughout the year, saving you time and effort. We’re happy to discuss your needs, inspect your property, and recommend services that will keep your grounds healthy and beautiful. Dream Greener is led by a team of full-time lawn and landscape experts. Our guarantees and our work far exceed the levels of the rest of the industry — our business grows each year because the owners of so many of the homes and businesses in and around Pittsburgh and South Hills have experienced Dream Greener’s extraordinary level of service and have recommended or referred us. Our signature service provides you with reliable, predictable, scheduled mowing service, week in and week out. Our experts will help keep your property looking well-tended and beautiful. We offer easy pay options and accept all major credit cards.

“I’ve used Dream Greener to handle my complex and expansive landscaping for two years running now. They do an amazing job with all the bushes, trees, shrubs and flower beds. They are always professional, cost-effective and I wouldn’t go with anyone else!”