Maintaining the health of your plant material is a vital part of your landscape health and aesthetic. There are more than a few services that should be prioritized to enable this, like fertilization. Adding nutrients to the root zone of your plant material keeps plants, roots, and soil well fed. Like your turf, there are many pests and diseases out to get your plant material, such as insects. Keeping damaging insects away with horticultural oil, specifically designed for plant pests is a best practice and part of our program. We like to perform two oil treatments, once during dormancy, and again in the fall. Active monitoring of your plant material, including trees and shrubs, will allow for treatment to be swift and effective.

Remember, do not forget the importance of your soil health when it comes to the growth of any plant material, so consider soil testing and treatment to maintain it. For further protection, anti-desiccant spray is a protective wax coating sprayed onto evergreens to reduce water loss. The longer water is able to be retained, the healthier the plant. With this combination of tree and plant health services, your landscape is sure to inspire those lucky enough to see it. Our program consists of 8 visits throughout the year, covering all of the aforementioned services.

Although our tree and plant health program is the best in the business, that does not make it infallible. When other issues arise, from planting to location problems, our team is able to offer the highest level of guidance on how to extend the life of your plant material.

Landscape Plant Analysis and Inspection

In order to get a general understanding of the current state of your plant material, our team will always begin with an initial inspection. We will observe and note urgent needs, as well as highlight those things that need to be addressed on variable timelines. Click the link to learn more about the Integrated Pest Management process and how it will continue to help the health of your trees and plant material.


Root Zone Fertilizer

Fertilization is commonly used to maximize potential growth, especially in turf. However, your plant material can also use fertilizer, more specifically in their root system. As these larger plants such as shrubs and trees are much bigger in size, they need a greater number of nutrients. In the natural environment, pieces of larger plant material are able to gather significant nutrients from native soil. The soil in urban and suburban areas is not nearly as nutrient-rich in comparison, so we apply fast-acting fertilizer to quickly disperse nutrients for use in growth. This is done two separate times, during the spring and fall, in round 2 and round 6 of our tree and plant health program. Giving trees a quick burst of energy before spring, as well as nutrients to hold the plant over through the winter ensures earlier green-up and less winter damage.





Horticultural Oil – Insect Control

Managing insect problems requires both preemptive, and proactive treatment. This is why our tree and plant health program consists of two horticultural oil treatments, during late winter dormancy, and in early fall. Applying horticultural oil during dormancy is an ecologically friendly way to remove overwintering pests before they get to do damage in the spring. The fall application keeps the population low before the winter treatment so that numbers never rise too high to manage. Dormant oil treatment is round 1, while fall oil treatment is round 7 of our tree and plant health program.

Disease Monitoring and Control

Active evaluation of the health of your trees and plants is necessary to keep on top of any issues. Right after fertilization, round 3 of our program will allow for our arborist to come in and identify everything from insect activities to possible diseases. Leaf surfaces will be healthier after initial control is applied, and they contribute to the harvesting of photosynthetic light and thus plant growth. During the 4th round program visit in the summer, our team will be on the lookout for increased activity, as the metabolism and feeding habits of insect populations skyrockets due to the heat. When issues are found, they will be taken care of. They cannot be taken care of quickly if they aren’t found out in a timely manner.

Soil Health

Equally important as with your lawn, the health of your soil is paramount to growing healthy plants. Everything from acidity and possible lime treatment, to aeration and compaction, must be considered if soil conditions are bad. The healthier your soil, the healthier your trees, and plants. Healthy soil can breathe, is rich with nutrients, and has a balanced pH. There is no better team than Dream Greener to get your soil there.

Anti-Desiccant Protection

Desiccation is the phenomenon that occurs when water is lost through the leaves of a plant, faster than it can be absorbed by the roots. This is not uncommon during the fall, especially if the soil is particularly dry. As part of our round 8 visit, our team will apply anti-desiccant, a waxy protective coating for broadleaf evergreens. This will slow the transpiration process, enabling your plants to retain a more significant percentage of water.


Specialty Treatments

The comprehensive, 8 round tree and health program should cover everything your plants need, although we sometimes find special cases. For those with Borer insect problems, Borer injections may be required. Additionally, spotted lanternfly sprays can be used in similar cases. Trust your team at Dream Greener to let you know if these specialty treatments are required, or call us today if you deal with either of these problems in your landscape.

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