Lush, verdant grounds lawns are the result of planning, preparation, tending, treatment, and maintenance, and require many hours of work to give your home or business property the qualities and appearance that you desire.

For this reason, a comprehensive lawn care and lawn health plan is recommended to establish and maintain your lawn. Our licensed team of turf specialists at Dream Greener has extensive knowledge in lawn science.  Complete lawn analysis and inspection is necessary to gather an in-depth understanding of your turf. Aeration, overseeding, lime and compost dressing is beneficial services that reduce soil compaction, improve soil health, establish root development, lawn thickness and allow for water and nutrients deep into the soil.  The addition of organic matter is also a soil best practice, with the use of organic compost, and lime treatments to reduce acidity and improve soil health. Fertilization will add balanced nutrients to the mix, fostering an environment primed for healthy growth. Finally, weed control is required to both prevent an infestation with pre-emergent liquid options and remove infestation with post-emergent options. While these all do well to promote a healthy lawn, active monitoring and treatment by our Dream Greener team will keep you on top of any potential problems.

Complete Lawn Analysis and Inspection

Our licensed lawn health specialist will design a program to establish, enhance, and/or maintain the health and appearance of your lawn — specifically suited to your ground conditions.

Expert Lawn Care

Having a lush green lawn complements your your home and your landscaping.  We employ best practices and well-maintained, commercial-grade vehicles and equipment and apply procedures, products, and treatments that are industry/professional-standard and industry/professionally-accepted as environment-friendly, safe, and effective to preserve your grounds.

Consistent maintenance is key to keeping your lawn healthy, so we provide dependable service throughout the year to keep your lawn healthy and manicured

Our attention to every detail, our extensive knowledge of lawn and plant health, and our commitment to providing professional lawn and landscaping services to our clients

Aeration and Overseeding

Lawn establishment in the Pittsburgh area can often be a struggle due to the tough clay soil we encounter. When your soil becomes too compact for nutrients such as oxygen or water to enter, problems arise. Aeration alleviates this by removing small plugs of soil, letting your soil breathe. Overseeding fills in these holes with new seed, so your lawn grows back even better than before. Double aeration can even be used for double the results, and does little damage to your lawn compared to alternatives like dethatching.

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Composting, Lime and Soil Health

As with aeration, enabling nutrients to make their way into your soil is essential. This is why compost is so important, as the organic matter it is made of can add valuable nutrients. Dream Greener provides mushroom compost topdressing that protects the new seed, keeps seed moist for better germination, improves soil quality and feeds the turf.  Lime is also a great addition to improve our acidic Pittsburgh cray soil. We recommend lime treatment in both the spring and fall seasons in addition to double aeration, seed and composting services.

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Fertilization Treatment

Lawn fertilizer composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is the most direct way. Nitrogen will quite literally make the blades of your grass greener, and phosphorus assists in the using of other nutrients as effectively as possible. Potassium will prioritize root development for a triple crown of plant nutrition. Both liquid and granular options are offered for fast and slow-release fertilizers respectively. Fast release can be great for the springtime and initial growth, whereas granular slow-release can be used during the fall for wintertime stability.  Our licensed specialists have the experience, training and licensing to apply the proper products and the proper time.

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Weed Monitoring and Treatment

Pittsburgh lawns encounter a variety of turf weeds, including dandelion, thistle, purslane, nutsedge, wild violet, and ground ivy. Each of these weeds are native to the area, and thus grows efficiently, spreading fast. They can take over your lawn before you notice, as the symptoms are not always so obvious. However, if they make an appearance, liquid weed control is safely applied by our licensed specialist.  This process allows the surrounding turf to fill in thicker and results in a healthier and thicker lawn.

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Disease Monitoring and Treatment

Pittsburgh lawn diseases include snow mold, anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, pythium blight, and red thread. Each of these lawn diseases is deadly to certain types of turfgrass, while being resistant to others. Our licensed lawn specialists will actively monitor your lawn and recommend, if necessary, specialized treatment to address the diseases.

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