Trimming and Pruning

Your trees and shrubs are the foundation plantings of your landscape, so naturally you want them to be healthy and attractive.  Dream Greener’s service professionals are experienced in proper trimming and pruning. We ensure that all types of shrubs, hedges, small trees, perennials, decorative grasses, and ornamental trees retain their desired appearance.

The Purpose of Pruning

We trim and prune trees on a regular basis to keep them looking healthy and beautiful. Trees require suckers to be removed, limbs that sag to be raised, and deadwood to be removed.

Good pruning is both an art and a science

Pruning is arguably one of the best things you can do for a plant if done correctly. Pruning diverts energy from plant endeavors and wood production; this can stimulate the growth of larger flowers and bigger fruit. Young shrubs are pruned lightly to encourage them to grow bushier. As shrubs grow and develop Dream Greener thins out old, weak, and unproductive branches. Older plants may require more extensive trimming and neglected plants may require hard pruning.  Some plants require thinning or selective pruning to create an airier look.

Our Process

Dream Greener will remove branches that are rubbing together or interfering with buildings, streets and sidewalks.  Weak branches are removed as well as diseased or insect infested limbs. We will also thin branches to increase light penetration and we will also shape the tree to be aesthetically pleasing. Proper trimming and pruning requires knowledge, skill and tools. Our skillful technicians will use a variety of professional tools such as: extension hedge trimmers, loppers, pole pruners, hand pruners and pruning saws while they maintain the carefully shaped appearance you desire.

Timing of Trimming Trees and Shrubs

Good trimming retains the plant’s the natural state of the plant and conforms to your personal style preference. Formal hedges will require multiple pruning visits to keep their neat compact manicured shape. Effective pruning must be done regularly and it is time consuming. We shape and address issues such as diseased or damaged branches and maintaining and monitoring the plants integrity. Fall and Winter is typically the best time do corrective pruning.  This is the time when we analyze the structure of your landscape foundation.  Lastly, no trimming and pruning job is complete without a thorough clean up. We pick up and haul away all debris leaving your property fresh and tidy. When correctly maintained your trees and shrubs add immense value to your property. Dream Greener is ready to provide proper trimming and pruning services that showcases the look and feel of your landscape.

Jon and his guys are extremely responsive and professional. They took our yard and made it look like we never even thought it could. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you guys for the all work and we look forward to enjoying every time we pull into the driveway!