Mulch Installation

Mulch is organic material applied as a top dressing to garden beds and tree rings and slopes.

Mulch provides many benefits for your plant beds including:

  • Replenishing minerals to the soil by providing the proper balance of nutrients.
  • Maintains moisture to foster plant health.
  • Lowers the temperature of the soil during hot summer months and reduces the need to water as frequently.
  • Slows the growth of weeds.
  • Reduces soil erosion.

Mulch Selection

There are serval varieties of mulch and the selection will depend on your aesthetic preference. We offer premium dyed brown, dyed black, natural and mushroom compost.

Compost mulch is made of organic material and it is great for use in both flower and garden beds.

Bark mulch is tree bark shredded to different consistencies that is functional and long lasting. Often bark mulch is described by the number of times it is “ground” in the processing, such as double ground or triple ground. The more grinding that is done, the finer the mulch becomes.


Mulch Application and Blowing Service

Initially, mulch should be laid at a depth of two (2″) inches over clean, weed-free soil.  Mulching over visible weeds will not control them.  When we mulch around trees we pull the mulch away from the trees are crews are mindful not to pile it up around the trees, (volcano mulching) which is harmful because it causes excessive moisture buildup which is ideal for pests and disease.

We use specialized equipment called a Bark Blower to propel the mulch through a specially engineered airlock and blower system.  This commercial grade bark and mulch blower literally blows mulch into landscape beds – for a beautiful, finished appearance!

The blower can be used on your property for spreading landscaping mulches, topdressing gardens with compost, topdressing new lawn installations, erosion control blankets and applying playground mulch.


“I love that they are all inclusive from snow removal to lawn and landscaping!
Jon has been wonderful to work with, very professional!
Loving the results of their work!”