Bed Weed Management

Invasive Weeds Issues?

Bed Weed Management Program:

Our weed management program is designed to offer our customers different levels of care from a one time clearing service, to monthly service.  Bed maintenance includes granular and liquid pre and post emergent weed barrier treatments. This ensures a reduction in the weed population all year round.  Customers have the option of choosing service as a one time Spring Service, Limited service (April, June, August & October) or monthly service. We suggest pairing this service with our lawn and plant health maintenance programs.


Pre-Emergent Control

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent germinated weed seedlings from becoming established; either by inhibiting the growth of the root, the shoot, or both. Preemergence herbicides have NO EFFECT on weed seeds. Pre-emergence weed control creates a short time period for control. This is termed — residual. Over time the control barrier is degraded by soil microbes.

Manual Control

If the weed growth and/or vegetation on your property is extensive, we recommend a plan for removal and cleanup.  You’ll have the option of choosing both pre and post emergent in a granular and/or liquid application after the initial cleanup is performed.  Ask your assigned Account Manager about our continuous maintenance plans.

Liquid Control

Liquid sprays tend to be more successful than their granular counterparts, simply because the liquid formulation is sprayed across the weed’s leaf surface and does not rely on additional moisture to stick to the leaf. Once dried, these liquid products stay on the leaf surface even if rainfall occurs.

If you’re considering our weed control program – liquid weed also with pre-emergent control is generally the best option. The characteristics of the liquid weed control formulations provide more consistent results, especially on the stubborn weeds we often experience in lawns.

herbicide killing weeds

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