Decorative Boulderscaping

If you’re ready to ROCK your landscaping – boulderscaping is an excellent choice!

Boulderscaping simply means using boulders or large rocks as accent pieces within your existing landscape. A couple unique boulders, placed strategically can help add different textures and color to your garden beds. They also reduce the need for maintenance – not everything has to be a plant!


The Dream Greener Way to Decorative Boulderscaping

Boulderscaping sounds easy on the surface, however if you don’t hand select the appropriate size, shape, and style that you want, this project can get out of hand quickly! Experienced landscapers and designers at Dream Greener will ensure that we’re choosing stones that will complement your existing surroundings and fit in naturally with your residential landscape.

Boulder placement and arrangement is a very artistic part in the process.  Our crews take the time to ensure that wherever we place the boulder, it will naturally look like part of your landscaping.

If you’re ready to get rockin’ contact us today to learn more about Dream Greener’s Decorative Boulderscaping services.

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