Landscape Bed Edging or Curbing

Landscape Bed Edging or Curbing

One of the simplest ways to add maintenance free curb appeal to your Pittsburgh home is with garden bed edging, also called curbing. Adding an elegant edge adds a decorative touch that attracts people’s attention to the symmetrical framework. Lining your garden beds with an edge will draw attention to particular features that you want to highlight such as a prized plant specimen or garden features.

But, not only is edging beautiful, it is also quite functional. Edging prevents grass or weeds from the grass from creeping into your beds. It also keeps the mulch or gravel inside the bed where it belongs. This can be especially important in areas that have a slope, or in unique spots of your lawn such as keeping mulch out of a pool or trampoline area.


Types of Decorative Hardscape Borders / Edging:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Plastic


The Dream Greener Way to Landscape Bed Edging or Curbing in Pittsburgh

Depending on the area that you want to accent, we’ll assess your needs. Some types of decorative edging are better than others for particular spaces. For example if you have a straight bed, virtually any product will work. But, for a winding or curving bed, more flexible products are recommended for their longevity.

We’ll measure and re-measure to ensure that we order the proper amount of material. The product will either be delivered to your site directly or we’ll bring it on the start of the project.

First, we’ll prepare the area and trace it out using paint. Then, we dig a trench, fill it with sand and pack it smooth. The edgers will be set and tamped down. Once in place, we fill empty areas with a stabilizing agent such as mulch, gravel, minus or sand.

Installing decorative stone or paver edging around your planting beds serves to keep your grass and beds in place, while adding instant curb appeal to your property!

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