Landscape Design and Installation Pittsburgh old

Landscaping Design and Installation Pittsburgh

Refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate! Dream Greener’s landscaping design and installation services will breathe new life into your landscaping. You will smile with pride as you drive up to your property.

Our transformation services include:

  • Updating older landscapes with new trees, shrubs, accents, ornamentals
  • Removing and replacing old, tired plants with vibrant new picks
  • Reframing existing beds
  • Adding or elevating new beds
  • Finishing with Beds Compost, Boulders, Mulch or Stone

Fresh, Updated Landscaping Increases the Value of Your Home and Property

The possibilities are endless when you collaborate with Dream Greener to bring your ideas to life.  We are excited about beautifying your landscape.

An easy way to start is with small enhancements such as adding or changing plantings will give your property a quick face lift.  Consult with us if you would like to make a big change or create a new landscape project.

The first step is to analyze your grounds.

We consider our topography, climate and soil type. Next we consider who will be using your yard, do you have pets, will we incorporate a children’s play area?  Will you be doing any outdoor entertaining?

By considering the use we can strategically create outdoor living spaces.

At the start we also plan for future maintenance.

How much maintenance is realistic for you? How much time will you commit or money will you spend to a service provider to take care of your new landscaping year after year?

Next we consider theme and style.

A formal garden stays simple with form, lines and symmetry as the goal.  Formal gardens create a feeling of calm elegance. A formal garden is uncluttered and uses all elements in moderation.

Asian gardens are another popular style that employ broad swaths of raked stone or sand with the corresponding theme plantings of conifers, maples, azaleas, iris and flowering trees.

Cozy cottage gardens are a delightful mix overflowing with blooming flowers. We include a large variety of annuals, perennials and roses to complement charming accent pieces such as benches and fences. If you have shade consider a woodland garden that involves ground covers, hostas and bulbs. What design statement is your goal?

Another consideration is flow and connection, we work to link the outdoor spaces and create unity.

Considering how you will move from one area or outdoor room to another and potential in traffic patterns is a must in early planning. Plants are not only beautiful but functional. We consider how the plants will work in your project. Plants may be used to provide privacy or screening to define a space and create borders. Plants influence wind, temperature and light levels thereby altering site conditions as a benefit to you.  We can also influence sound creating buffers or adding by sounds such as wind chimes and water.

Beautiful functional landscaping enhances your property’s curb appeal by using sustainable, attractive plants in your it also yard adds value. Dream Greener’s experts will guide your decisions as we collaborate on what kind of plantings, shrubs, and ornamental trees we will install, and where they should be placed to maximize their impact throughout your property.

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Why Choose Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape?

Dream Greener tends to the details of structuring your plants, considering the planes that the plants will be viewed from.  We will highlight important features and use a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures to bring you outdoor living space to life.

We understand that the investment you make in your outdoor area should be maintained and protected year after year. We know how the passage of time will affect your landscaping. We consider the plant’s growth rate, maintenance needs and final mature size.

We are ready to serve you! Our goal is to share our extensive knowledge of landscape elements, our meticulous attention to detail, and our professional installation, allowing you to simply enjoy the beauty and function of your outdoor space.

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