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If you are looking to completely transform your yard into the ultimate living space look no further than Dream Greener!

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Fresh, Updated Landscaping Increases the Value of Your Home and Property
Updated landscaping enhances your property’s curb appeal and introduces sustainable, attractive plants to your yard. Dream Greener is happy to work with you to decide what kind of plantings, shrubs, and ornamental trees should be installed in your yard, and where they should be placed to maximize their impact throughout your property.

Dream Greener understands that your investment in your outdoor area should be maintained and protected throughout the year. Our attention to every detail, our extensive knowledge of landscape elements and installation, and our commitment to providing professional landscaping services to our clients in the South Hills is our goal, year-round.


Our Promise to Our Customers:

  • Responsiveness to existing and prospective customers: Site visit, email, or phone call in 24 hours or less.
  • Responsibility to our customers for the quality of our work: We hold ourselves accountable to you, you can, too.
  • Reliability that our customers can count on: that we’ll say what we’ll do and that we’ll do what we say.

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“I highly recommend Dream Greener ! My yard looks absolutely amazing . I have had so many different landscapers and the job these guys did was unbelievable. They are so dependable and meticulous . I can truly say this was money well spent . In addition , everyone is so nice and professional.”

“Earlier this summer we were searching for help handling our landscaping issues. We hired Jon and his Dream Greener team and are very pleased with their work! They are very professional and did a great job! We will certainly call them again for any future needs.”

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